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Get What You're Worth.

Connecting you with the right venue at the right price.

Legendary Entertainment, LLC represents artists who are professional and are looking to further their careers by playing upscale venues, corporate and society functions.  We are very selective about who we will represent, but those artists will be fairly compensated for their time and talent.  Legendary, LLC will NEVER charge more than 20% of an entertainer’s fee.  We strive to remain completely transparent about our fee structure.


Legendary Entertainment, LLC will endeavor to secure everything you need to put on a successful event, create the contract, and cover the cost of liability insurance for each performance.  In addition, Legendary Entertainment, LLC will help the artist(s) prepare a great EPK, as well as present the artist(s) to upscale venues in Florida.

Depending on the artist’s goals for their career moving forward, Legendary Entertainment, LLC will help to represent them for performing at festivals and larger venues.

For more information, contact us directly. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

At Legendary Entertainment, We Have Talent! SM

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